Friday, November 13, 2009

6 Months/ first day snowboarding/ friday the 13th!

So yesterday Brandon flew into SLC, I picked him up and we packed Old baby Marmalade (my truck) and started our journey to Colorado. After a night of little sleep we suited up for the first day of boarding this season. Today was exactly 6 months from my knee surgery and friday the 13th so i figured it was a good way to start my season! We went up to Breck and had a killer day of turning and they even had a triple line of jumps and a few rails! Snowboarding felt really wierd.. my knee gets soar but its something I will work through over the next few weeks. Brandon killed it with some fat spins and silky smooth rail tricks and I eventually busted a revolution over a knuckle. It was an awesome day then we realized we left the lights on in the truck and the battery had died.... got a jump and drove away... GOOD DAY!

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